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All of our training staff hold certificates, awards and commendations in the working dog community, both here in the USA and abroad.

All About AKC Rottweiler

We are a small in home breeder of Rottweiler puppies and owners of Healthy Rottweilers. Our Mission is to raise Alert and Athletic healthy puppies to bring love and joy into people’s homes and hearts across and outside the country, take note that Rottweiler Puppies can brighten your day almost every day. Our pups and dogs are raised and kept in our home and not in a kennel. We aim to breed healthy happy and well socialized puppies raised in a loving family environment. We raise our puppies differently to many making our puppies easy to train and allows their transition to their new home easier.

We maintain the highest standards for the well-being of our pups. Our puppies are fed a top-quality premium pet food. Our puppies are bred for health, temperament, and conformation (quality). No two dogs are ever thrown in together to let the chips fall where they may. Our puppies are examined on a continual basis by our veterinarians. Our puppies are growing babies and are given their own playtime where they are allowed to go outside to exercise their muscles and play together.


Rottweiler Breed Info


The powerful and loyal Rottweiler is an AKC-recognized working breed first recognized by the club in 1931. A hard-working and intelligent dog breed, the Rottweiler is a top-tier police, service, or guard dog. The history of the Rottweiler dates back as far as the Roman Empire, where the durable canine’s likely ancestors were used as Cattle Drovers to assist in keeping herds under control and guarding them against predators. The Rottweiler also served heavily in WWI as a police and security dog. Over the years, the dog breed has enjoyed varied popularity, even reaching the top of the AKC’s Most Registered Dog Breed list in the mid-1990s.

The temperament of the Rottweiler is largely based on its owner, and its owner’s willingness to properly socialize the dog as a puppy. A normally calm and rather aloof dog breed, the Rottweiler can be as sweet-natured as it is protective. Because of its powerful physical abilities, a Rottie can carry an incredible presence as a watchdog and is as equally alert as any breed. The key to a well-balanced and friendly Rottweiler is showing proper respect to the nature of this working breed, building a relationship based on love and trust, and never using fear as a training tool.

While this is a physically imposing dog breed, it’s important to be aware of their sensitive nature. They do not tolerate extreme temperatures very well, especially heat. And, they definitely will not be a well-balanced or well-behaved dog if left alone for long periods of time. If you live in an apartment, this dog breed is not for you because they prefer lots of space. Although generally friendly, they will be skeptical of large crowds of strangers and noisy environments.


Our goal is to create the best relationship with your dog.
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