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Puppy Sales Contract

This Contract is between AKC Rottweiler referred to as the Seller and our customer by name.


Hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, whose information is specified below.


To certify the Sale of one of the puppies listed on our website. Name of Puppy and Breed.

Shipping Option
Payment Option


• The Buyer agrees to pay for the puppy and the shipping of the puppy. You agree that the puppy will not be allowed outdoors without proper supervision. You agree to care for the puppy in a humane manner and be a responsible animal guardian. This includes supplying adequate food, water, shelter, attention, and medical care. You understand and agree that the current Breeder gives guarantees about the animal’s temperament but is not responsible for future damages or injuries caused by the animal in the future. You give the breeder permission to call my home at any reasonable time to assure that the animal is being properly treated and cared for. You agree to be responsible for a purchased puppy, to provide all its needs, treat it in a humane manner and provide all its needs to the best of your ability. • The Seller guarantees this puppy/puppies to be of sound health, with AKC registration application paperwork which makes the puppy/puppies eligible for registration with the Buyers local Kennel Club. The Seller guarantees that the puppy/puppies have a great temperament at the time of this sale. A health record of all shots and/or worming will be provided by the seller. The Buyer agrees to take this dog to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours from the time of delivery for a physical examination and should it be determined by a licensed vet that the puppy/puppies have any health issues, the cause of which the seller is clearly to blame, the dog may, upon a signed written diagnosis from said licensed veterinarian, be returned for a full refund of the purchase price and the Seller agrees to finance the return of the puppy/puppies. • If at any time the buyer can no longer retain possession of these dog, the seller is to be notified and given first option of resuming full ownership of the dog, so the seller can locate these dogs a new home. Buyer has a 30 days money back guarantee no questions asked, with a full refund if he/she does not like the dog or has difficulties bonding with their new furry friend. In which case the dog will be returned with all necessary papers and medical records. Should any circumstances arise that affect the quality of life of the dog, the breeder/seller is to be informed so that they may participate in determining the future of the dog, the breeder/ Seller reserves the right to approve/prohibit any transfer of this animals to a third party. Under No circumstances will this dog be sold, leased, traded or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter or similar facility. • By signing this agreement, it means you hereby, agree to the above Terms and condition.