AKC Rottweiler is the best Dog selling company ever. I bought my Rottweiler puppy from these people, she’s the best dog I’ve ever had and she’s just as beautiful as they advertised. They had her on a flight to me in 13 hours she flew in to Los Angeles and they made the process of getting her super simple they also sent me a list of things to get for her before I received her which was super helpful! Any questions you have they would be so excited to answer for you. I couldn’t recommend this breeder enough. If you’re going to buy a dog buy it from these people!

We Picked up our Rottweiler Puppy 3 months ago and we couldn’t ask for better people to deal with and he has immediately adapted to our home and is a joy. Thanks to them for allowing us to bring our Rottweiler named Rocko over to bond with him over the last few weeks. They have hit it off great! We would recommend them to anyone looking for a top-quality, well-adjusted dog. We’ll be back

We adopted this adorable 8 weeks old Rottweiler in December 2018. The AKC Rottweiler was wonderful and communicated with us every step of the way. We highly recommend AKC Rottweiler. My friend referred us to them. We could not be more grateful for her. They do a wonderful job of taking care of the puppies.

Hello, AKC Rottweiler here are we again, Our puppy Louie is doing just fine. He fits in just perfect into our new apartment since we moved in last week. He and cassy our previous dogs just love each other. We are so happy to have him with us. Thank you for sending to us such a wonderful puppy! Here are some cute pictures of him and please feel free to include us on your pages. You may also include our email for anyone who wanna talk to us.

We visited AKC Rottweiler last June and couldn’t be happier. We drove over 10 hours to get Lulu and she has been such an important member of our family ever since. We were able to see both of Lulu’s parents on site and to see how the dogs interacted with her family. These dogs have been cared for in a clean, safe, nurturing environment. Since this was our first Rottweiler, I had many questions, but they have been such a wealth of information about the breed.

We brought Dario home this month, who is now known as Nugget. AKC Rottweiler took amazing care of Nugget and his siblings. We will be just as efficient in caring for him so we provide him with the best life possible. After leafing through many, many breeders in the tri-state area and encountering many shady ones, we were so relieved and grateful to find you guys. They are knowledgeable, helpful, reputable, and honest.

Lucy Elain

I usually do not take the time to write, but I feel that it was such a wonderful and positive experience in getting our sweet puppy from AKC Rottweiler, that I just have to share it. They kept us up to date throughout the entire process.  And when the pups arrived, they sent us many photos and videos so that we could watch our little one grow.  It was so important to us that our little pup be brought into the world with love; the best care possible and that she begin her new life inside a home and in a family environment.
Our MollyMae is PERFECT!  She is so well adjusted, smart and playful.  She enjoys being handled and held.  She loves to be groomed.  We decided to continue with potty pads as this works out best for our life style.  At 4 months, MollyMae was completely potty trained. with the start of the training process.

We LOVE our Lucy! We drove to pick her up in mid November at 8 weeks old. We knew we made a great choice from the first interactions with AKC Rottweiler. The correspondence was frequent, receiving pictures and videos as our puppy grew.
From the moment she came home with us she has impressed us with her sweet and playful disposition. She is so smart and willing to please. Training has been quite easy and I truly believe that is due to her being raised in a good home.

AKC Rottweiler is the perfect name and we couldn’t be happier with the newest addition to our family.
Thank You guys! Hopefully I can convince my husband we need another…and I will see you soon.

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